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Running Your SAM Department – a response.

This post is prompted by a thought provoking article posted in The ITAM Review.  To quickly summarise, the author proposes 6 steps to get started on the SAM road, focussing your SAM efforts at delivering results fast, hence providing quick … Continue reading

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CIO Competencies & Use In Real Life

Back in 2005, Gartner proposed 25 Competencies for Information professionals, that I rediscovered through this HBS article and have restated here: Technical (T) Business (B) Behavioral (H) T1 Understanding existing systems and technology T2 Designing and developing applications T3 Applying … Continue reading

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The Weakest Link

I have a hobbyist interest in computer and electronic security, so I found this article by the BBC intriguing, Hackers crack open mobile network. Aside from the attention-grabbing headline, what is most apparent to me about this is that a … Continue reading

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Software Asset Management (SAM) System Requirements

Abstract In this post, I specifically look at one item that’s been in my focus for a few months now, especially the past week, namely Software Asset Management environments and tools, with a particular focus on requirements. Introduction I’m enthused … Continue reading

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Losing the “Englishness”

It’s been a weekend of leavings and startings, at work and in the wider Church. In this post I take a look at how we do things in work and church, and can we learn cross-over lessons? On Friday, our … Continue reading

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Mashing Up The Enterprise

In this post, I take a look at the Inverted Pyramid Organisational structure, and how I see it being applied within my business context. I’m often watching Military History programmes, though I’ve not been in the Armed Forces. One of … Continue reading

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