About Tim Heywood and Working Life:

Employed as the Engineering Systems Manager since 2006 within SELEX Communications UK, I retain an interest in Information Systems governance, with diversions into electronic security. I’m primarily responsible as the internal supplier for all the software applications (we call them Systems) for our pool of talented engineers.

I’m on the lookout to achieve the best use possible of the computer applications we have in our business, as such I retain a wide ranging knowledge of engineering disciplines, with the specific niche of understanding individual and group needs, and recommending/approving the appropriate software.

One of the emotional outputs of my work life is receiving cold calls from suppliers, and acting as intermediary, conduit or hedge of protection as appropriate, between said suppliers and my internal customers, the engineers.

SELEX Communications UK
LinkedIn profile

Strengths and Motivations

Core Motivation Within the Strength Deployment Inventory I come out as Hub (Flexible – Cohering Motivation) however I borrow other Motivations so readily people find me hard to read.

Learning Mode My Neuro-Lingustic learning preference is Visual/Kinesthenic (give me pictures / show me how). I prefer the big picture, yet can dive into smaller detail with relative ease.

Behaviourly I’m an Influential within the DISC system (People oriented rather than task, Outgoing rather than reserved). I like to be Involved.  Again, I can borrow Behaviours at relative ease.

About Tim Heywood and Non-Working Life:

I have an interest in collecting hobbies and interests. I blog about my times in the Bournemouth music scene here: bournemouthmusic.wordpress.com

Intellectually I enjoy a bit of recreational maths, and cognitive psychology. I picked up a degree in IT a while back. I regularly bury my head in business leadership & management books – One Minute Manager, Business Strategy and IT/IS, you get the gist.

Physically I cycle commute to work from my home in Southbourne, and engage in scuba diving (not really physical, but it tires you out bouncing around on a RIB in the hot sun all day!)

Emotionally I’m married to Ness (Vanessa), and support her in various community volunteering projects around the patch.

Vocationally I volunteer for a few other organisations:

Recreationally I play mandolin and am a member of a gaming club. I also read lots and when we moved house fulfilled a lifetime ambition of having a library. The shelves contain subjects as diverse as theology, business practice, travelogues, self-improvement, natural medicine, history (UK; warfare), and novels (science fiction & fantasy, thrillers, westerns).

Musically In my guise as Live Music junkie for Hope FM, I’m moderately active in the Bournemouth live music scene; we have around 800 band performances a month in over 20 local venues around the conurbation (that excludes the BIC, Pavilion and O2 Arena).

It’s hard to define a “Bournemouth Sound” as such, some sounds are (with examples):

  • of Surf and the Sea (Fearne, Big Face Reggae, Bel Casino),
  • another is the Ska/Reggae/DJ blend (Dusty Cuts, Dubnium),
  • a large Folk and World scene (Lou Brown, Tinderbox, The Douglas Firs) thanks to Bournemouth Folk Club
  • Awesome Acoustic (Pete Christie, Chris Woodford being some award winners)
  • we also have a huge Blues scene (Riverside Blues Band, The Producers, Paint It Blue),
  • Rock (Voodoo Vegas, The Longest Day) and Jazz (The Phil Clark Quartet)
  • and finally, no town is complete without its Pop (Sarah Griffin, Disco’s Out Murder’s In)

Tim’s music blog: bournemouthmusic.wordpress.com

Other profiles: personal Myspace (not very active); Goodreads; Twitter; Facebook


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