Hello world!

OK, so I’ve started a blog. At about the same time as some of the bloggers I follow comment that blogging is dying as people sell out to blog behind firewalls and the like.

Well, I already blog behind my corporate firewall, so little chance of that happening…

I want this blog to be a little bit about me, about my passions and enthusiams, particularly in business and life. See more of both of these in my About… page.

In overview, I am a generalist – I have a general interest in things, in people, in ideas.  I’m a professional engineer (MIET), which while it doesn’t define me, does explain a lot about my outlook (well, according to my friends, anyway). For example, I was recently inspired by Richard Feynman’s collection of works: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, and aspire to that sort of passion…

I’m also what I would term an internal Linchpin, in my work.  Those that work with me probably wouldn’t call me that, they’ve not caught up with Seth Godin.

I’m in a great job, at SELEX Communications UK, that more or less was created for me (although everytime I say that, something comes up to bite me). Therefore I am passionate about my work, and pour a lot of emotional energy into what I do 9-5 (well, we have flexible working hours, but you get the drift).

What do I do? I’m called the Engineering Systems Manager. It’s a bit hard to explain, however in addition to Software Asset Management, I’m an internal link between our engineers, our procurement people, and external suppliers, teasing out our requirements, then identifiying suppliers of software tools to help our people do things better. I keep an internal log of Preferred and Approved tools, deal with tool maintenance & support renewals, approve installations and manage a few virtual teams based on supporting said tools, and dealing internally with our Knowledge Management.

I’m also passionate about things in my non-work life – I volunteer for a few agencies: HopeFM (local live music show), Samaritan’s Purse (local driver, warehouse worker), Family Church Christchurch (I just serve), Swanage Railway (Signals & Telegraph team), others as they come up.

I’ve listed some key hobbies in my About… page, however I seem to have the hobby of collecting hobbies, and yet have failed to find a collective noun for said hobby – etymologists, please get in touch!

So, that’s me in about 400 words.


About Tim Heywood

Brief Bio: work: Information Systems governance, electronic security, best business use of computer apps. See my about page. non-work: sailor, scuba diver, Bournemouth live music junkie. See http://bournemouthmusic.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Raj says:

    Heylo Tim!

    Stumbled upon you through linkedin. Those are pretty neat bits about you in a few words. Happy blogging & keep the spark alive.


  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! 🙂
    As both a SAM person and fan of Seth Godin I look forward to reading your articles.

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